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Infinite Security Circle and security companies alike all have uniform stands and presnentstions. Depending on your role, or sector you working in it can very. Check out the different uniform standards and PPE.

Customer Service Role – Corporate & Retail

Security Guard

Corporate security is a professional environment and mainly based on a reception. As you are the first point of contact for visitors and staff, first impressions count. Normally the uniform specification would be:

  • Black Shoes
  • Black Trousers
  • White Shirt
  • Company tie
  • Black suit jacket
  • Yellow High Vis jacket for external patrolling.

Customer Service Distribution 

Distribution can range from uniform wear, your actively engaging with drivers, customers and staff. It is a professional environment so you still present a high standard of uniform. Infinite Security Circle Requirements are:

  • Black Boots (PPE)
  • Black Trousers
  • White Shirt or Company POLO shirt
  • Company tie
  • Company fleece or suit jacket
  • Yellow High vis jacket for patrolling.

Construction & Static Security Guarding

A lot of PPE is involved when it comes to construction site work, as part of H&S Legislation. Infinite Security Circle Requirements for Construction or static guarding are:

  • Black Boots (PPE)
  • Black Cargo Trousers
  • Company POLO shirt
  • Company tie
  • Company fleece
  • High vis jacket for patrolling (colour depending on type of works being carried out.
  • Hard hat (normally blue)

Personal Standards

Guards should take pride in their appearances at all times. You should always consider your representation of the Security Company your representing. Our standards are always high and expect staff to follow the guidelines. Such as:

  • Hair should be kept neat and tidy at all times, employees working on sites with risk to health and safety should keep it tied up or kept within their work head dress.
  • Facial hair should always be smart, clean and representable.
  • All tattoos and body piercings should be respectable and non offensive. Tattoos should be concealed where possible, tattoos that cant be concealed are strictly prohibited due to the client nature of our business. Body piercings should also be concealed due to health and safety, piercings should be removed at the start of your shift.
  • You should always be kept at a presentable standard at all times, this includes well groomed, hygienic and ironed uniform during your shifts.
  • Company ID badges and SIA license (for licensed staff) should always have them on show, at or above chest height during working hours. Any covert operation for security personal such as store detectives, which have to conceal their badges and ID should be able to display their ID on request.
  • Any uniform which you are issued, your line manager will inform you of the correct usage and wear of your uniform. Some sites may require you to sign a Service Level Agreement. This will be handed to you by the site supervisor or your line manager.
  • Our business welcomes all religion and practices, there for we permit all cultural and religious dress. However if the company feels this could affect Health and Safety, cultural dresses may be exempt under Health and Safety legislation.

    Infinite Security Circle, is one of Bristol’s based security companies. Offering Security Guards, to event security, alarm response and mobile. To CCTV products and installation. Check what we can offer.

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