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Construction security can be a lonely and a high risk role within the security sector. Security companies ensure tough safety measure are in place, as well as the respected client.

Construction security differs from site to site, depending on which works are being carried out. However the principles still apply. First thing first is safety. All guards should have the relevant PPE in place such as,

  • Still toe cap boots and reinforced soles.
  • High visibility (orange or yellow depending on site)
  • hard hat

Guards will also have to complete check calls to the respected control room. This will be done iether every half an hour or every hour. Contract manager will determine what’s advised and should be implemented. Security Guards should also read and understand the risk assessments, it’s crucial to know the current risks in place, site induction will be carried out, however your duty is to keep up to date with the risks.


Security guards duty may change but the roles stay the same. It is the security companies duty to fully understand the clients needs and implement them through assigned duties. Depending on the type of work, some companies require the security company to have additional qualifications, such as an CSCS card, SheaGas, First Aid and any other qualifications deemed necessary.

As a construction security guard, you can expect to do the following:

  • Maintain a high visibility presence (deterring)
  • Conduct Hourly patrols
  • Protect members of public from hazards
  • prevent theft, accidents, and death through control of access and deterrents.
  • Protecting and guarding material, plant, equipment and infrastructure against theft, criminal damage or arson.
  • View and control CCTV (if trained and licensed)

Construction security is a very high risk site, not only from potential theft, but through the potential hazards on site, that’s why it’s always important to ensure you put your safety first, and keep up to date with the site hazards.


  • Complete your assigned check calls
  • Maintain and wear your PPE
  • Stick to pathways or the advises patrol routes
  • Be alert


  • Miss check calls or unanswer them
  • Enter out of bound areas
  • Leave the area your securing
  • Intervene or stop a theft in progress, if your life is or can be in immediate danger. Call the police as necessary

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